About us

Who we are

Resound is a professional recording studio situated in a modern building of The Regional Research Library in the very centre of Liberec. We are proud of the unique and easily adaptable recording room (90 m2) which allows us to record even larger aggregations. We also have a control room (20 m2) and a chill-out room where it’s possible to make coffee, tea or just to take a break and rest for a while. Our goal is to turn your ideas into reality, with the hope that you feel as comfortable as you do at home. We firmly believe that the final key to making professional records is the atmosphere in the studio.

Many great musicians and producers have used our services, including Aid Kid, Zapaska (UKR), post-hudba, Lenny, Murder Bear Doug, Zrní, Paulie Garand & Kenny Rough, Jakub Děkan, Sebastian, ATMO Music, Cirkus Cermaque, Exil 51 and many others.

Members of Resound:

Martin Havlen – recording, mix, mastering, production
Jakub Miřejovský – recording, technician
Tomáš Havlen – external cooperation – production, mix


How we work

During the production process, we make sure that we do things carefully and precisely, and that we pay attention to every step we make when we engineer a new project. The first thing we do before the recording itself is consult clients’ ideas. By doing so, we can be certain that the final recording is done properly, efficiently, and economically.

The studio is run by young people with a very comprehensive knowledge of the whole recording-mix-mastering process. We have lots of experience and we follow the latest sound trends.

Overall, our main goal is also to create a studio where musicians can feel comfortable, where they don’t have to work under pressure, but in a completely relaxed mood.

Basic realization of recording consists of these following parts: recording – editing – mix – mastering.

Our strength includes the production of the whole album which can give it a third dimension point of view of an experienced producer. Besides, we also offer even production of custom music, call signs, jingles, advertising creation, radio spots, creating audiobooks, dubbing and consultations.


Do not hesitate to contact us

Martin Havlen
recording, mix, master, production
+420 773 986 126

Jakub Miřejovský
recording, technician
+420 723 607 384

Gear list
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Visit us:
Rumjancevova 1362/1
460 01 Liberec 1
4. patro


Price list:

Basic hourly rate for recording, mix, mastering, consultation€20 /hour
Commercial projects€40 /hour

Free accomodation during the session.